Mannerism Inc is London/Ibiza based producer and DJ Ness Molder.  Ness is a professional media composer, creating bespoke music for fashion and beauty brands.  As Mannerism Inc, he makes music inspired by a love of classic underground house and garage music and gay club culture.

Ness has been producing since ’98, releasing his own white labels thru Mo’s Music Machine and remixing with production partner Nickelle for labels including Slip’n’Slide (Delacey’s club classic Hideaway), Rebirth, Art&Craft, Deviate, Iberican, Stereo and Dogmatik.  He also produced the music for the infamous Baby Clyde, who performed PAs at iconic club nights such as The Cock, Drama, Kashpoint and Studio Neon.  More recently he’s been honing his DJ skills, playing Banjee Boy Realness at the Dalston Superstore, as well as producing music for Glyn Famous (Sink The Pink), who has performed their tracks live at festivals and clubs throughout the UK.

Influences include Strictly Rhythm , Henry Street, UMM, Tribal, R&S, Twisted America , UK Garage, Hot Creations, 90s acid Techno, DJ Sneak, Cleveland City Records, Detroit, Chicago, NYC Garage, Bitch House, Hi NRG


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